Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Interview With Megan of A Closet Fashionista

Interviews are becoming a regular on my blog and I am loving it! They are so much fun and I love learning more about the bloggers that I follow. This week I did an interview with Megan of A Closet Fashionista. I loved reading her answers and I hope you all do as well!

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What inspired you to start this blog? I've always enjoyed fashion and I had been following some blogs for a while and finally decided to start my own when I was bored at school one day.

How did the name Closet Fashionista come about? When I started my blog I had been brainstorming names for a while and came up with Closet Fashionista because when I was in school I loved fashion but never dressed how I wanted because I was too scared to stand out since people where I live basically wear jeans, tees and hoodies. But the blog has helped me overcome that and I'm slowly becoming more adventurous.

How long have you been blogging? *checks blog history* I started it back in April 2010, so this will be my 9th month of blogging. Actually, the 9 month anniversary is coming up, on December 11th!

How would you describe your look? I actually have no idea, how I dress changes pretty much every day because I just wear what I'm in the mood for. I guess I would say casual but girly because I love dresses, but they have to be comfortable and I love wearing jeans too. But I also like having a bit of edge to my outfits sometimes too, so really I'm a mix of lots of different styles.

What would you consider your favorite accessory? I actually don't wear many accessories since I can never make myself spend money on them even though I love jewelry. (I should start...) Even with my limited number of accessories I still can't pick a favorite. I guess I'll say basic diamond earrings since I never take mine out, ha ha. (My Grandma bought them for me 5 years ago and there have only been a few months when I haven't worn them)

What is your number one item on your wish list? A Chanel 2.55 or flap purse, but I will never get one, they are way out of my price range sadly. But something more attainable I would say anything by Burberry, I could get away with buying something but then I wouldn't be able to buy anything for a few months just to off set it.

If you could meet any designer, who would it be and why? Oh my...this is a hard one. I think I would have to say Christopher Bailey, I just love what he has done for Burberry, there hasn't been a collection in the past few years that I haven't loved. He is amazing and it would be great to talk to him about fashion.

Which do you prefer, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin? Hmm....another hard one, I think I'll say Christian Louboutin. Their shoes are just so classic, and they also always have great edgy styles as well to go along with the classics.

Ever since the UGG collaboration I've lost a little of my love for Jimmy Choo since I don't think high fashion and UGG should mix. (Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice pair of UGGs or in my case EMUs, when its cold and snowy, but they aren't supposed to be flashy...they are supposed to be warm and comfy)

Most outrageous purchase? Hmmm....most outrageous as in expensive? Probably my velvet polka dot Marc Jacobs blazer, I bought it about 4 years ago and paid a whopping $80, that doesn't sound like a lot for MJ but for me it was. And more recently I let my mom spend $200 on a McQ by Alexander McQueen dress for my birthday. I still think I was crazy to let her do it, but she said she usually spends that much for our birthdays anyway. I LOVE the dress to death but I still feel it weird that I count that as outrageous even though I didn't even spend the money? I like to earn what I have so I guess that's why I feel that way.

Any advice to fellow style/fashion bloggers? Be yourself and dress the way you want without thinking about what others will think. If you feel great in it, wear it! And don't post things on your blog just because you think more people will enjoy it. If you are passionate about what you are blogging it shows and the followers will come.

Hope you all enjoyed the interview!


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