Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall is Coming

Fall is on the way and I could not be more excited. Summer is my favorite, but I love Fall fashion, so I am anxious for it to get here.

Now all I need to do is get my hands on this amazing outfit I created.

Fall is Coming

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Protect Your Pumps

Protect Your Pumps is a new, easy, and effective way to protect your high heel shoes. Protect your pumps is a non-slip, clear adhesive that is placed on the sole of your pumps. I have to say that is is pretty annoying when you buy a new pair of gorgeous heels and after one wear they get damaged. Protect your pumps will help keep them looking new and increase the life of your heels and not have to pay to get them resoled. This adhesive is simple to apply and will need to be changed after several wears. Many people have gotten up to 8 wears out of just one pair. This new product is a must for all shoe lovers!!

Protect Your Pumps is offering all of my readers a discount on this great product. All you have to do is enter the code "JUSTSHOP" and you will save 15%.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I have been eyeing this pair of snakeskin leggings from Express for a few weeks and finally went out and purchased them this past weekend. I got an amazing deal on them; only $49.50. I was very lucky to find them for this great price. Saturday night I finally got to wear them out for my friend's Birthday dinner and got lots of compliments on them.

What do you all think of this snakeskin trend?

Tank- Forever 21, Pants- Express, Heels- Vince Camuto, Bag- Betsey Johnson, Bracelets- Stella & Dot and BCBGMAXAZRIA, Watch- Betsey Johnson

Thursday, August 23, 2012

OPI Fall 2012 Collection

I was never a big fan of OPI nail polish till I discovered OPI Bubblebath. Now, the Fall collection is coming out and I love the colors. I can't wait to get ahold of most of these colors!!

Left to Right: My Very First Knockwurst, Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Berlin There Done That, Dont Talk Bach to Me, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, Schnapps Out of It, Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs, Every Month is Oktoberfest, Unfor-greta-bly Blue,Deutche You Want Me Baby, Danke-Shiny Red & German-icure by OPI.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Forever 21 Gift Card Giveaway ~ Closed

Whoever knows me knows that I am ADDICTED to Forever 21. It is my absolute favorite store and always find amazing pieces at a wonderful price.

Since I love this store so much I want to give a reader a $10 gift card to Forever 21. Exciting isn't it?

Good luck to you all!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dress Up Your iPhone

I have had my iPhone for years now and I am addicted to buying cases for it. There are so many cute and chic cases out there, so I am constantly buying and changing my phone up. You iPhone doesn't have to look boring, many designers have been coming out with iPhone cases and they look as good as the designer's clothes do.

These are some really cute cases that I love, especially the Tory Burch case:
Dress Up Your iPhone

*Click on set for details.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tees and Stripes

I was so excited about pairing this Celine shirt with this skirt. I thought it would be a fun look with stripes and yes, it was. This is by far one of my favorite outfits in my closet!

Top- c/o OASAP, Skirt- Target, Necklace- Stella & Dot Femme Fatale Necklace, Wedges-Target, Bag- Foley & Corinna, Bracelet- Love, Always, Ring- Tiffany & Co.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LnA Clothing Fall 2012

LnA clothing has been emptying my wallet lately. Their clothing is stylish and comfortable. It can be a bit pricey, but the material and the styles are very much worth the the price. I am very excited about the Fall line and you will be seeing a lot of it on the blog.

Here is a glimpse of some the Fall Clothing:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Interview With Damsel in Dior

I don't know if you all have ever heard of this fabulous blogger that I am about to tell you all about, but she is fabulous. The blogger that I discovered a few months back is a daily read of mine and that blogger is Jacey of Damsel in Dior. I read her blog daily and gather so much inspiration from it. I love the content she writes about and love the way she writes. I really recommend each and every one of you to start reading her blog. I know you all will absolutely love it and she will never let you down. I am so happy that I had a chance to interview her and hope you y'all enjoy reading about her.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I was desperately seeking a creative outlet and multiple colleagues were asking me on a daily basis how I put together different outfits. After repeating myself over and over I figured it'd be easiest, and fun, to create a blog where they could find all of the answers there!

2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
I grew up often feeling like a damsel in distress. I never quite fit in anywhere and felt like a bit of an outcast. I moved to Los Angeles and slowly started feeling less and less like a damsel in distress and more secure, confident, happy and like a "damsel in DIOR!" Dior doesn't necessarily mean the brand, it represents my new lifestyle.

3. How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging full time about 10 months ago but I've always had a blog.

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory that you own?
I sold my wedding dress to purchase the Cartier Love Bracelet. It's my favorite piece because it's a daily reminder of my beautiful wedding and the dress that I loved wearing so much.

5. What is your most extravagant purchase involving clothing or accessories?
Aside from the Cartier Love Bracelet, I'd have to say my Missoni cardigan. I don't view handbags or nice pieces of jewelry as "extravagant" because they are excellent investment items. However, with clothing and trends that may change quickly I very rarely will spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing. At the time it felt extravagant purchasing a $1,000 cardigan, but it's become one of my closet staple items. I love it and am happy I pulled the trigger!

6. What item is number one on your wish list?
Right now I am saving up for the Chanel quilted jumbo bag!!!

7. If you could sit down for dinner with a designer, who would it be?

8. Who is your fashion icon?
Right now I am loving all things by Heidi Merrick. I do not only love her work but she is absolutely fab!!!

9. What inspires you?
Everything. I draw inspiration from music, art, shopping, and places I travel.

10. What about blogging do you love most?
I love creating graphics. It feels creatively artistic and I get a very big worker bee high off of it:)

11. Favorite designer at the moment?
Kelly Wearstler.

12. Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
Stick to an editorial calendar and don't give up. Be very consistent in the times you post, amount you post (even if it's not a lot) and have a business plan. If you don't invest in your business, who will?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Current Make Up Favorites

I am a big fan of trying new make up. But, lately I have been staying with certain products due to the fact that they have become my favorites. I am so happy with my make up and even makes my skin better, eyes more dramatic, and my lips softer and prettier.

Here are a few of my products and I highly recommend them:

Current Make Up Favorites

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Currently Craving {Loafers}

Loafers have been becoming really on trend right now and I am wanting a pair (or pairs) badly.

Here are some that I love:

Currently Craving {Loafers}

*Click on the set for details

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Monday {Archived Dominican Republic}

I was looking through my pictures from my trip to the Dominican Republic and came across this picture and I had almost forgotten that I haven taken it. I like the position of this picture and how I am looking up towards the camera.

Happy Monday to you all!

Top- J.Crew, Skinny Jeans- Jessica Simpson, Sandals- Target, Watch- Betsey Johnson, Sunnies- Burberry

P.S. I will annonce the winner of my giveaway tomorrow.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I wanted to go for a nice classic look today, so I thought this tee would be perfect. It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. It was such a great purchase and I can wear it with anything.

Tee- Alternative Apparel, Jeans- Jessica Simpson, Bag- Betsey Johnson, Sunnies- Michael Kors, Bracelet- ASOS, Watch- Betsey Johnson, Sandals- Target

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Steal of a Skull

I have been wanting another edgy bracelet after purchasing my ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet that I wear religiously. Since I found an amazing bracelet like that on ASOS the first time I decided to look on there again and found an amazing Skull Torque Bracelet for only $13.26. I love finding such steals and ASOS is the perfect place to find them.