Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad's for years. I even went to the book signing for her first book in Atlanta almost 2 years ago. At first, I'll admit I wasn't a fan of her looks, but now I always look to her for inspiration. She is always looking so beautiful and down to earth. I also love the line of clothing she has designed for Kohls, if you haven't checked it out, you have to.

What do you all think of her looks?

Goodies For Sale

I have been looking through my closet and noticed that I have way too many clothes, so I decided to sell some of them, and a few are brand new!

Everyone enjoy!

Pay with Paypal. Leave a comment stating your paypal email address and will email you with an invoice. All items have $5.50 shipping. If you live outside of the US, shipping is $10.50. Also, remember I am not responsible for any items after they are shipped and no returns.

Medium Express Gray Chain Tank- Worn Once

Medium Black Juicy Couture Jeggings

Express Pink V-Neck

Derek Heart Gray Top- Worn Twice (Sorry that the flash on the camera)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wind Blowing Relaxation

While vacationing at the beach I tried not take that many blog pictures, but of course I did. The weather the first few days were warm with a little bit of a wind, then the last few days it was rather chilly. The trip might have not been as warm as I hoped, but it was a nice relaxing time with my boyfriend.

Maxi Dress- Kensie, Purse- BCBeneration, Flip Flops- Express, Necklace- Tiffany & Co, Bracelets- Purchased in a small boutique in Greece

Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspiration: Ashley Olsen

I usually post my inspiration posts on Thursdays, but I was on vacation at the beach and that is why I am posting it a little late. But, the bright side is that there will be two inspiration posts and a few beach posts this week. Anyway, back to my inspiration, this post is dedicated to Ashley Olsen. I have loved her since Full House and I don't think I will ever stop. She is always looking phenomenal and elegant, and her personality seems wonderful as well. I don't think that there is ever a time where she does not look put together to a T.

How many of you all consider her a fashionista?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Belated Spring

Hey Everyone! I know I am a day late or so, but I wanted to wish all of my lovely readers a Happy First Day of Spring. The weather is starting to get better here and I hope it is getting nice and warm for you all too!

Top- Express, Jeans- Express, Purse- Express, Heels- Joey, Bracelets- Forever 21, Earrings- Charlotte Russe

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Interview With Meg of MEGAN LAND

A new blog that I have recently started to follow is MEGAN LAND written by Meg. I relate to her blog so well and can never miss a post. So, I decided to do an interview with her and share it with you all. Her style seems so real and is definite amazing and I am sure she as a person is just the same. I love her blog and I am so happy to have found it. I highly recommend that you all check it out. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

Check out MEGAN LAND

1) What inspired you to start this blog?
At first, I just wanted my own little place to post inspiration as a creative outlet. It started as an occasional hobby and turned into something bigger – it became a place to connect with other real people and share everything from outfits, products and tid bits of my life.
2) How did you come up with the name of your blog?
My brother, who is in the army & currently serving overseas in Irag, wrote on my facebook wall one day something like “Just checking in to see how everything is going in Megan Land.” It was perfect timing because days later I needed a name for my new found hobby. It’s the perfect name because everything I post is either what’s currently going on in my life or things I’m currently thinking about & lusting over.
3) How long have you been blogging?
I started MEGAN LAND in September of 2009.
4) How would you describe your look/style?
My style is very classic, I like to think. I like to mix & match simple, basic, but flattering pieces that are feminine. I love color, but tend to wear neutrals most of the time.
5) What is the number one item currently on your wish list?
Realistic wish list = A camel or white Michael Kors purse for summer. Fantasy wish list = Christian Louboutin pumps – in nude, of course.

6) What would you consider to be your most treasured clothing or accessory?
My engagement ring & wedding band – all other clothes & accessories are replaceable.

7) Who is your fashion muse?
Oh gosh, this is tough – so many! Rachel Zoe, Ashley Olsen, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie, & Kate Hudson… I’m sure I’m forgetting someone at the top of my list – it’s been a long week!
8) The LBD (little black dress) a must or overrated?
Must – it’s the perfect classic piece that will never go out of style. It’s especially perfect for those nights when you have ‘nothing to wear.’
9) Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo?
10) Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
Blog about what you love, not what you think others want to see – you’ll enjoy it more and want to invest more time and quality into it. Be real and let readers know you who are so that they can connect with you on a personal level.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspiration: Hilary Duff

As you all may know that Hilary Duff is starting to become a fashion icon. From Lizzie McGuire, to now a wife of a very good looking hockey player I may add, she is stepping up her wardrobe. She always looks so cute and fashionable when out and about.

What do you all think about her looks?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Madewell Wish List

Spring weather is coming at us. Here is some of my favorite things from Madewell for this Spring.
What are your Spring favorites?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inspiration: Rachel Zoe

Who all loves Rachel Zoe? I absolutely love her! Her personality, from what I have seen on her show and her sense of style are beyond amazing. She has to be one of the most most beautiful women of our time. She is never afraid to add or try anything new to her look and always pulls it off. She is also such a cute pregnant woman, and her style definitely has not changed; baby or no baby.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready To Suit Up

I am very much looking forward to bathing suit season, and so glad that it is right around the corner. I just planned a nice and quite beach trip with my boyfriend and haven't bought any bathing suits yet, but I do have some very nice ones in mind?

Which ones are your favorite(s)?

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret



Forever 21

Urban Outfitters

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

I just decided today that every Thursday I am going to have an "Inspiration" post. I have a folder on my computer that I save every picture of fashion inspiration. The post will be anything from clothing items, products, or people. I decided to do this weekly themed post because these pictures make me feel good, so I hope by me sharing them make you feel good and inspire you as well. For the first inspiration post I have the lovely Victoria Beckham. She is always stunning, no matter where she. She can be at an event or at one of her children's school or game and still look glamourous.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LOVE it.

I have been loving changing up my look lately. I have been going from look to look and I have fallen in love with the short shirt with the tank under it. It looks amazing, especially after adding the right accessories along with the outfit. What do you all think of the look?

Top- Wet Seal, Tank- Bought in a boutique in Greece, Jeggings- Jessica Simpson, Necklace- Tiffany&Co, Bracelets- Forever 21, Flats- Kensie