Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Lake and Stars

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!! I hope that you all enjoy today with a special someone. I just discovered these Lake and Stars pieces and they are amazing, especially for today. I had to share lingerie on today's post, it was completely appropriate. I have to say I love every set and need every set. They are just so beautiful and each one can be for a different occasion. Valentine's Day (today) to a birthday or a typical day/night.
How do you all feel about them?
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  1. such cute pieces! i don't own any lingerie!

  2. Hi Tiffany!!!!!
    How was your Valentines Day?
    I love The Lake & The Stars!!!! I bought that camisole that SJP wore in the first "Sex & The City" film when she's cleaning out her closet with the girls. It has that shredded look in front- it's so cool and looks great with a little black jacket, jeans, & heels.... :-)
    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. Very pretty collection, I buy everything from Victoria's secret....

  4. Oh boy, I am in love! Those are so pretty. Muah!

  5. These really are beautiful pieces!