Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beauty Favorite: Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream

I have tried many moisturizing creams and a lot of them work well, but I think I have found one that works better than all the other one I have tried. I just discovered the Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream and it works wonders. My face feels so smooth, like I just paid $100+ for a facial. 

If you didn't know Korres is based in Greece and in Greece, yoghurt is known for it's ability to soothe the skin, which of course it does. I just love how wonderful my skin feels after using this and there is  olive oil in this product, which is a plus. I highly recommend that you all try this and I promise you all that is $32 well spent.


  1. WHATTT?! that is too cool!

    XO Meghan

  2. sounds like a wonderful product :)

  3. Only $32?! I have I try it! I am always always looking for the best moisturizer because I can't stand my face feeling dry. I have to check it out! Thank you!!

  4. I have a similar mask from an organic (but very pricey company) and may need to try this when I run out of mine! I love the Korres lip butters, so I'll probably feel the same way about this product too.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    xx Nina

  5. ooh this product sounds really great!! :D ive been looking for a new moisturizer! i'll definitely try this one out :)

  6. Here,in Bulgaria,we have products with yoghurt,too!They work miracles:)
    I just found your blog and I really like your concept,plus your pictures are amazing:)
    Would you like to stay in touch and follow each other?If you like my blog,just tell me:)
    xoxo Vesi from:

  7. i have buy this,work fine
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  8. I agree,t hat's a nice moisturizer. My first jar is almost finished. I didn't like it at first, at all, but I gave it a try and really loved it.

    'The Wind of Inspiration' blog