Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kim K Post Baby Style

Kim K's post baby style is totally on point. I loved every outfit I have seen so far, especially her Paris Fashion Week style. Her long coats and fedora are completely amazing and I have to admit that I want to replicate those looks.



  1. Honestly, I am not a huge fan but I do love the monochromatic idea of camel on camel!

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  2. If there wasn't so much cleavage I would like it (:

  3. i also am not her huggest style fan but i do admire some of the pieces shes wearing :) the pink coat with denim is lovely! :)

  4. i'm not a big fan of kim k.but i like the nude outfit :)

  5. I wish she would cover up a little more like she did with the neutral toned one needs to see that much cleavage!

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  6. I love the pink coat! I've been seeing it around so much lately! I think neutrals and pastels are really in for the fall and winter season:)!

  7. Love the name of your blog, I can relate ha! Anyway yes her post baby fashion is definitely bold & would be fun recreating!! Love the luxurious coat over the simple denim on denim outfit!

  8. Hi Tiffany!!!!
    She's never been a favorite of mine style wise but the camel coat is sharp looking.
    How was your weekend?
    Hope you had a great Monday!!!!!

  9. Oh wow here hair is so blonde I did not realize she had lighted it so much, looks nice. She loos great.

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