Wednesday, April 23, 2014


    Do you hate it when there is something that you want and you can’t find what you want? I know that I do.  Well, that is where StyleSpotter comes in.

   It is time that I introduce you all to this wonderful new iPad app that is really easy to use! It has made the world of online shopping so much easier and more fun.  I will search “ blush pink handbags” and my screen will fill up with many options to choose from many stores.
My favorite thing about this app is when I love an expensive product I can save it and I will be alerted when the price drops. That really does come in handy, espcially for a bargain shopper like me!
Another thing that is great about StyleSpotter is that you can organize your fashion favorites into collections such as: The Beauty Bar and The Shoe Lover. This app is wonderful and I have officially become addicted to it!

       Discover. Share. Love.

   Don’t forget to look through my StyleSpotter profile and please follow along and see what my favorites items are!

This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own.


  1. Fun! I love the concept! Your jewelry picks are really cute btw :)

  2. I love sites/apps like this! They're so useful when you want something but don't want to pay a crazy price, ha ha

  3. What a clever app. I like that it tells you when items are on sale.

  4. This is excellent! I love anything that helps me find what I want even faster :)


  5. Great post Tiffany!!!!
    I am SO annoyed when I see something I love but no clue where it's available- especially something seen on TV....
    Hope you're having a great week!!!!

  6. Sounds like a cool app! I both love it, and feel like the last thing I need is something else compelling me to shop more!
    chic on the cheap