Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Leather and Suede

It may be early to wear a leather jacket and suede booties in some parts, but in SC, some days it is not. I think once October comes around its ok to wear such things. A leather jacket can help make a "plain" outfit a bit more casual and the booties help a lot too. I love being able to wear these two items. They make me feel more grown up and more mature.

I also apologize for some the bright pictures, I forgot to turn the flash off at first.

Leather Jacket- Express

Top- Express

Jeggings- Express

Necklace- Tiffany&Co

Booties- Charlotte Russe


  1. cute jacket and your booties look comfortable!

  2. hey I love your blog and am trying to follow you using the button above but not sure if its working. Does it show me as a follower? x

  3. No its not showing you. Try again and see if it works

  4. :( just tried again. It says im following you. but it I click the button again it says "do you want to start following Just Another Shopaholic?". Maybe try putting the google connect link on the sidebar and I can try there..?

    PS. you look gorgeous in these pics, I loove your outfit and need to get myself a leather jacket like yours! xx

  5. Thank you!
    And I'll try to put the connect link on the side. Do you know how?

  6. Oh never mind I figured how to do it.