Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome Saint Laurent Paris

Yves Saint Laurent, better known as YSL is undergoing a name change. The new creative director, Hedi Slimane has major plans to revamp the brand and make it more modern. First, was the name change; from Yves Saint Laurent, it is now Saint Laurent Paris. I actually love how he rebranded the name, it really does have a beautiful modern flow to it. Even though, there is a name change, the classic YSL logo will still be used for a few purposes.

The name switch will become official as soon as Slimane's Spring 2013 collection is available in stores. I am excited about this change, and can't wait to see what more he does with the brand.


  1. SO excited!!!!
    LOVE Hedi Slimane!!!!!
    Hope you're having a great week Tiffany!!!!!

  2. it will be fun to see where the brand goes

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Hedi is a guy ;) But yes...I was angry about the name change when it was first announced last year, but I did enjoy the collection so I'm excited to see what's next.

  4. I had no idea this was happening! Can't wait to see how it evolves!

  5. i like it since no one could pronounce "yves" right anyway, hehe