Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Helpful Tips to Prevent Your Shoes from Deteriorating

We all have that special pair of shoes that we love for one reason or another and we choose to continue wearing it even after its best years are behind it. Whether this refers to a rundown pair of sneakers or maybe that Sole Provisions fit flop which is just so comfortable, we all have trouble letting go. Well, now you can look after your shoes better with these helpful tips that will ensure that your footwear will last a lot longer.

1. Prevent the heels from wearing down

As you walk in your shoes, the heels will begin to wear down, as well as the soles. This process is unavoidable, but you can fix it. You should never let the heels wear down by more than a quarter inch as this will not only cause the shoes to lose the support they would normally provide, but it also causes them to bend out of shape. This problem can be corrected with a liquid urethane substance which is readily available, is cheap and will behave just like the regular material.


2. Maintain their shape

In shops, you will notice that the shoes have crumpled up paper inside of them in order to maintain their original shape. This is something that you can do at home, as well. It is a simple and effective method of making sure that your favorite shoes maintain the shape they had when you first bought them.

3. Use shoe trees

You can use shoe trees which fulfill the same function as the crumpled up paper, but it does it much better, if you want something more advanced. It works great, especially for leather shoes and can extend their life span considerably.

Eventually, when you are in need of new shoes, visit Sole Provisions and you will be able to browse at your leisure through a large collection of quality products.

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  1. lovely blog :)

  2. What a great post! Some shoes I wear all the time so these tips are very helpful...thanks for sharing :)

    xo Jess

  3. Haha I have to many shoes for shoe trees : O but what I do is, I try to take my shoes to the shoe maker as soon as I get them and have heel taps/protectors put on. They eventually get ground down too but can be replaced.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  4. Love those tips and I need to get some shoe trees now:) Kisses, lovely.

  5. thanks for the tips! i always end up replacing the sole of my favorite boots because I love/wear them so much!


  6. Great tips, I'm glad I stumbled upon this!


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  7. good to know - i hate it when my favorite shoes fall apart!
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