Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Interview With Anna Katrina of Passport Glamour

I have just recently decided to do an interview with one of my favorite fashion bloggers: Anna Katrina of Passport Glamour. She is such a beautiful girl and her fashion/style is always on point. I would definitely love to go shopping with her one day. My interview with her was through email, but I feel like I have known for years. I hope you all enjoy reading this.

1. What inspired you to start this blog?

I got inspired to start my blog when I was living in Spain. I was traveling a lot and had so many things I wanted to share so I began blogging.

2. How did you come up with the name Passport Glamour?

My blog is surrounded around the idea that you can be glamorous while you travel and not have to look like a silly tourist so that’s where Passport Glamour came from.

3. What celebrity or celebrities do you look up to on their fashion?

The Olsens and Olivia Palermo (who are total opposites) are my celebrity inspirations. The Olsens are never really put together but they wear whatever they want and completely pull it off while, Olivia is always put together to a T.

4. How would you describe your style?

Classical bohemian; I love over sized shirts, sweaters paired with skinny jeans and flats in solid colors. I am rarely in heels (but I’m trying to wear them more!) and will always try to trend, look, or item.

5. What are your favorite fashion trends right now?

I love turbans, they can cover up a bad hair day and can make an outfit go from mediocre to fabulous in a second.

6. What is the number one item on your wish list right now?

An Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag in leopard print.

7. If you could purchase any designer bag right now, which one would it be?

My top wish list item!! J

8. What is your opinion on layers?

I love and live in layers they can give a simple outfit so much depth, color, and effect. When in doubt layer!

9. What are your career goals at this moment?

Graduating college and moving onto a more fashion forward school. I would love to be a Stylist or Event Planner and to hopefully never give up blogging.

10. What advice can you give to all fashion/style bloggers out there?

Be who you are in your blog because that is what people want to see, you. Also, don’t worry about the followers or comments they will come.

Thank you again Anna Katrina for doing this interview.

Don't forget to check out her wonderful blog.


  1. Great interview! I too am a big fan of Anna Katrina ;)

  2. How fun and what a good interview, Tiffany! I follow her and always love looking at her looks around the world! :)

    Liesl :)

  3. Thanks for the follow - favor returned!


  4. She is super cute.. I am going to check out her blog now.



  5. Great interview! she has incredible style and love the advice she gave for other bloggers :)

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  6. wish you the best for your career goals and everything!
    keep up the good work ;)



  7. I'm following you too and very nice interview!


  8. Perfect interview. She's so cute.

  9. lovely interview and love her style!

    you can interview me if you like ;)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  10. Ok girl! Lets set an interview up! I am a follower of your blog and love it. Can you follow me too?

  11. Anna has been my good friend for years and I absolutely adore this interview! Her blog and her friendship are both amazing. Anna is a person a friend can look to when they are feeling uneasy about the outside world. She is the one person that kept on telling me to not give up my blog because of what others say, and she's right... the followers and comments will come with time, just be patient and keep on writing. And Tiffany you are darling! Hopefully one day Anna and I can meet up with you :) We both love any excuse to travel

    always choose paris

  12. Thanks girl! I have no doubt that she is a good friend. She seems too sweet and you do as well. I hope we can all meet one day as well. I love to travel and do yall so maybe one day!