Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Interview With Danielle of Always Choose Paris

This week I decided to do an interview with Danielle of Always Choose Paris. She is such a beautiful and sweet girl and I am excited to share this interview with you all. I have gone a different direction with this blog post though. Always Choose Paris is not a fashion based blog; it is a blog based on real stuff most of us go through. I have gotten to know her through her writing and I feel like she is talking right to me. Almost all the time on her blog posts I think to myself "I go through that too" and it makes me feel at ease that someone else has some of the thoughts that I do. Everyone, I hope you enjoy this interview and don't forget to visit her blog

This is Danielle of Always Choose Paris:

1) What inspired you to start a blog?

I have always been fascinated with the character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and her little column. I knew I wanted my thoughts out there for people to see so a blog seemed perfect.

2) How did you come up with the name of your blog?

One night I was watching the Hills season finale and Lauren Conrad said "Always Choose Paris". For some reason that quote truly stuck out to me and meant a whole lot than an internship LC had turned down to stay with her now ex boyfriend. I have always loved and been fascinated with the French culture, Paris in particular, and have been dreaming of the day I get to visit the gorgeous city. Plus Paris is where a lot of my family is from. I just found a deeper meaning to "Always Choose Paris", to me it meant to always choose your dreams over someone else because in the end you only have yourself. I was always and still am to an extent basing things on other people and putting myself last. Choosing Paris would mean that I followed my heart and my dreams, not someone else's.

3) Have you ever had another blog previous to this one?

I did actually, it was called "cynical and single" at first, then I called it "little bits" and then I just deleted it. It wasn't getting good feed back from a lot of people and I realized I was taking a direction in that blog I no longer wanted. So I decided to make a new one and start fresh, do things right and the way I wanted this time. I also have one on wordpress but I keep that private because it is my personal writing that I plan on being in my memoir that I hope to have out and published by 2013. Keeping my fingers crossed!

4) What audience do you target your blog towards?

I target to anyone who listens. I have both male and female readers. I just go about things I have gone through, past and present and my outlook towards the future. I know that Im not the only one who goes through these struggles and chaos so I thought perhaps if I put my story out there people would feel a sense of comfort that they aren't alone and they can move on from this

5) Which writer inspires you?

Elizabeth Wurtzel, Elizabeth Gilbert, Anna Lamott, Stephen King, Elizabeth Berg, Chelsea Handler

6) Do you hope to keep blogging after you graduate college?

Absolutely. Always Choose Paris has become a part of me. Its my journal for the world to see. It's my escape sometimes and my way of practicing my skill.

7) Are there any topics that you would like to write about on your blog one day soon?

I do hope that one day I can discuss my adventures to Paris. My mom got me this gorgeous journal that has a parisian design, she said that when I go to Paris this is where I can write about it. Hard for me to admit but i also hope to be able to write about being married one day.

8) What are you majoring in at school?

My major is sports journalism and communications with a focus in hockey. I am minoring in French. My dream is to be a sports broadcaster on NESN for the Bruins

9) Favorite book?

One book that really inspired me was "Its called a break up because it's broken". For a while I called it my bible. I was going through a horrible and emotionally draining breakup. Some how that book made me see through a lot of things.

10) Have to throw a fashion oriented question in here, how do you consider your look?

Although I am a sap for relationships I do have a huge obsession with shopping and fashion. I consider my look to be classic boho with a touch of preppy. My favorites are Free People, Shop Planet Blue, Anthropologie and Topshop.

Also for what I would consider my look as retro also, I really like house music and I love the clothes that are inspired by them. Dim Mak in particular. I like the big glasses(not sunglasses) and the red lip stick. People always tell me I never stick to one look, but why do that when I love so many of the present looks right now.

11) Lastly, one thing you want to accomplish within your blog?

I want to make it as a writer. For so long all I ever think about is writing. I eat sleep and breathe it. I have always wanted to make a difference in this world and I hope that one day as extreme as it may seem, that what I have to say makes an impact. I want to be heard, just like everyone else. I also hope to inspire others to write, whether it be public or private... there is so much power in one's words and when you have the ability to free write the possibilities are endless and you just might find out something about yourself. Thats what I hope to find along the way, myself through this blog.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview and don't forget to visit


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