Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

This is my first post on my new style blog. I am sorry this post isn't the best, but they will get better. I Promise! Well, today was the first day of classes so I wanted to share with you all my first day of school attire. Shorts and and a short sleeve button up shirt was a perfect choice for the first day. Cute and comfortable and looks like I am serious about classes. Flat sandals are an excellent choice, there are many hills and long walks on the way to class. And every girl needs a cute purse and a cute tote to carry books in.

I hope my first post wasn't too bad. I promise you all they will get better.

Sunglasses- Burberry
Purse- Kenneth Cole
Tote( for my books)- Betsey Johnson
Plaid button up shirt- Express
Shorts- Express
Watch- Oxette (Purchased in Greece)
Sandals- Urban Outfitters

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