Sunday, November 3, 2013

Modern Design Inc. Review

Recently, Modern Design Inc reached out to me and I was thrilled to work with them. Modern Design Inc. is an independent jewelry company that is based in Los Angeles and has been a manufacturer and wholesaler since 1978. So, you can tell that they are a fantastic company. I love that I was asked to work with a company that sells jewelry, rings mainly. They have Tungsten rings which are a great quality.  I always thought that Tungsten rings were only for men, but women can wear them too. I love how edgy the chunky ring looks. Ladies, you have to check out their website and order yourselves a ring. You will definitely be please with the quality. 

They also were kind enough to send me my own Tungsten ring and I really like wearing it. It is a great quality, pretty and comfortable too!

*This was a sponsored post by Modern Design Inc, but opinions are my own*


  1. This is fabulous Tiffany!!!!!
    What cool stuff!!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!!

  2. Oh how cool, I never thought of a woman wearing one either but it looks cool! Like one of the many rings Phoebe would wear on friends, haha :)

  3. My husband's wedding band is Tungsten :) It's very durable!

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